Save-K'nor: Doctors

The Doctors of the church of Save-K'nor are the primary theologians in Hârnic society. Becoming a Doctor requires three things:
  1. Status as a Rowanti or Serini of Save-K'nor and full understanding of all rituals and doctrines appropriate to that position.
  2. Extensive knowledge of the canons of at least two other gods (often the equivalent of being a grandmaster in the priesthoods of those gods *)
  3. Letters of recommendation from at least three other doctors.
In Hârn at the present time, there are fourteen doctors, belonging to all sects and orders.

The Doctors' basic purpose is to discuss rituals and doctrines of all the churches within Harnic society, and to form educated, well-rounded and just opinions upon the `correctness' of the various beliefs. Their pronouncements are of course not binding, and they are largely ignored by the other churches, but many times in the past, a well-reasoned and well-balanced statement from the Doctors has resolved some religious debate between various sects or beliefs. They always (at least presume to) speak with the authority of the Concordat behind them.

The Doctors of Hârn have recently begun to discuss at length the problem of Providentialism within the church of Peoni. They are planning to meet in the city of Aleath in the spring of 722 to begin an in-depth discussion, and should have a definitive statement ready by the fall.

The pronouncements of the Doctors are called Bulls. The collected bulls of the Doctors of northwest Lythia are called The Great Pronouncement. Each pronouncement begins with the phrase "We speak as one, with the authority of the Concordat and good reason behind us, and we find that..."

* for HM game purposes, Ritual ML's of 56+
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