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All material about Hârn and Hârnmaster found on the HRT web pages is copyright 1995-2006 by N. Robin Crossby and the respective authors. Quotations and graphics taken from Columbia Games publications are used by the kind permission of Columbia Games and N. Robin Crossby.

NEWS: The HRT is now (officially) defunct. This page now serves as an archive of the work produced by the HRT.

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What was the Hârn Religion Team?

The HRT was an ongoing volunteer project started by some of the Hârn Mailing List subscribers in September 1995. Its purpose was to expand upon the published ideas on gods and religion in Columbia Games' HârnWorld setting for fantasy role-playing. During its existence, the HRT developed expanded rules and setting information for the religions of Hârn.

In practice, the HRT stopped producing new material around 2002. After four years of complete inactivity, the remaining members of the HRT decided it was time to offically disband the project in June of 2006.

What else does has the HRT done?

Some of the HRT's ideas have been incorporated into Columbia Games publications. HârnMaster Religion is a partial reprint of the original Gods of Hârn, but it also contains detailed rules for handling Hârnic priests and religious activities, including a lot of brand new material, some of which was penned by members of the HRT.

Hârnmaster Barbarians also contains information on tribal religions, shamans, and shamanic rituals, much of which was also developed by HRT members.

Is the material here compatible with what's published?

The HRT intended its work to be fully compatible with the Hârn material produced by Columbia Games and N. Robin Crossby. However, some material was not wholly consistent with published information. This material is marked as such.

May I use this information in my campaign?

Yes. Please feel free to use the material posted here in your campaigns or 'fanon' articles. It is here to be used. We do ask, however, that if you incorporate HRT ideas into something you write, that you give us a brief acknowledgment. A mention of the HRT and this website archive would be most appreciated.

How can I join the HRT?

The HRT is now defunct. If you wish to try and revive it, you are welcome. Please contact the archive's webmaster Jim Chokey if you have plans in this area, so he can arrange to provide you with a copy of the website.

What were the criteria for submitted material?

Contributors to the HRT were asked to work under the following content-related assumptions when preparing submissions:

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The HRT page was first created on September 22, 1995 by Magnus Lyckå, to whom Hârn fans everywhere owe a big debt of gratitude. This page last updated August 23, 2007 by Jim Chokey, HRT Archive Webmaster.