Kingdom of Kanday

The Kingdom of Kanday has one walled town, five castles, 20 keeps, four major Laranian abbeys and several manors held by the churches of Peoni and Save K'nor.

Town: Aleath

Castles: Dyrisa, Heroth, Menekod, Sarkum, Selvos

Keeps: Avertu, Chison, Cuton, Dunir, Edino, Ewen, Findumon, Gimon, Hebon, Ibonost, Imiden, Kedis, Minilaos, Ohetis, Pinide, Quivum, Sepire, Sumon, Torthan, Zerien

Laranian Abbeys: Erone, Korri, Welur, Shreve

Other Abbeys: Peoni, Save K'nor

Other Places: Tesien

Other useful information can be found in The Electronic Atlas of Kanday, Greatclans of Kanday, Major Knights of Kanday and Ezar's War.

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