Kingdom of Kaldor

The Kingdom of Kaldor includes one walled town, five castles, 24 keeps, five major Laranian abbeys and three outposts.

Walled town: Tashal

Castles: Olokand, Gardiren, Kiban, Minarsas, Qualdris

Keeps: Athelren, Baseta, Bidow, Esenor, Fisen, Getha, Heru, Hutop, Jedes, Kobing, Kolorn, Kyg, Nenda, Nubeth, Pendeth, Querina, Setrew, Shebra, Sirendel, Ternua, Tonot, Uldien, Yeged, Zoben

Laranian Abbeys: Caleme, Abriel, Brynd, Cholas, Ledyne

Outposts: Trobridge Inn, Oselbridge, Naniom Bridge

There are also three Peonian Abbeys.

The Kingdom of Kaldor is also administratively divided into Shires, and Shires into Hundreds. The Shires are Meselyne, Neph, Balim, Semeth, Thel, Vemion and Osel. There are also two Marches, areas claimed by Kaldor but not much settled as yet; Chelmarch and Oselmarch.

Other sources of information about Kaldor include Kaldoran Hundreds, Major Knights of Kaldor, The Lady of Paladins and Greatclans of Kaldor.

Ideas for adventures include the Kaldor Succession Crisis and The Earl's Progress.

Kaldor connects to Azadmere via the Silver Way, to northern Melderyn via Chybisa along the Genin Trail, to Orbaal by the Fur Road, and to Tharda via the Salt Route.

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