These pages contain information on the many modules, articles, and maps defining the world of Harn. Links are provided for those wishing to add them to their own collections.

Where does one begin in this overwhelming mass of stuff? These are as good a place as any.

HârnWorld MapThe classic picture worth a million dreams also comes bundled with HarnWorld.
HârnWorld, Third EditionThe master module of the isles contains pages on the cultures, government, the nature of manors and towns, guilds, economics, religion, history, character generation, regional map key, movement, and weather.
HârndexThis reference work comprises brief vignettes and definitions of a broad array of Harnic people, places, and other terms.
New Hârn MapThey've redone the regional map to resemble a satellite image. The pdf version allows one to hide or show layers of different elements.

Here are the rest, at least as many as have been entered into the wiki in this fashion. There is more data under the other wiki sections for each kingdom that has been drawn from all of the material, but this particular listing is of the products themselves.

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