Welcome to HârnWiki

This is a guide for navigating the manifold materials pertaining to Hârn and the wider world of Kethira. The wiki structure serves to highlight the relations among the places and the people. Links are provided for obtaining the various maps, modules, and articles, drawing from both canon and fanon.

If you're new to Hârn and daunted by information overload sufficient to drive a community project such as this, here is a quickstart guide with suggestions on where to begin. If you'd like to see a city that's been particularly well developed here, check out the royal seat of Kaldor, Tashal.

These are the areas of Kethira in which the many kingdoms are located.


The present editor has big plans, and his mastery of wiki design, the DokuWiki platform, and web security are rivaled only by his command of the Harn materials. Sadly, this does not deter him from bashing around like he owns the place. This is where the beautiful organizational structure shines forth in its awesome brilliance.

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