City of Tashal

Tashal: Fully Numbered

The following labels every building/compound in Tashal and describes known references and ongoing work.

The labels are by District/Block/Building. Districts are designated as described in Tashal. Blocks are in order of northernmost tip first and buildings start with the northernmost and proceed clockwise around the block. In Lyryn and Artoen the idea of a block is not as useful a concept, and I have attempted to order things in as sensible manner as possible.

To assist the reader in placing the building, the facing street is given. In those cases where more than one street was faced by the building, I have chosen what I felt was the most helpful street. Unnamed streets are designated as alleys.

Last, each building has a usage description. Usually this indicates the primary use/occupation of the building's street level occupants.

In some cases I have chosen to fill in a guilded or notable profession in order attempt to allocate the city's guildsmen in an appropriate proportion. Except where a reference is provided, this is strictly advisory and potential writers should feel free to use this advice or not as they see fit. Any size given is to indicate the number of guildsmen (masters and journeymen) involved in the particular franchise/location. This does not mean all of the guildsmen actually work in that building, and a particularly large franchise, such as the Salter at Gd50, will likely be using nearby buildings for a variety of activities related to the franchise.

I plan to update this document as needed by any articles developed by prospective authors. If you wish to develop any portion of Tashal, please PM on the HarnForum (Nichola or Rothesay) and I will let you know if there is any other development in that area under way.

As a final note to potential writers, the development of Tashal by CG Inc is notably short on children. This is not surprising since children are not terribly interesting from a game activity point of view. However, they are likely to be ubiquitous, perhaps half the total population. As such, while I would not expect authors to describe children as characters in general, I would hope that authors would make provision for children in their articles, perhaps briefly mentioning the number of children that live in any particular building.

A. Caer Elend

B. Meyvinel District

C. Heru District

D. Kalabin District

E. Eastside District

F. Mangai Square

G. Medrik District

H. Haldana District

I. Weavertown District

J. Lyryn Village

K. Artoen Village

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