Kingdom of Orbaal

The Kingdom of Orbaal includes eleven castles, 28 keeps, and two deserted outposts.

Castles: Arathel, Geldeheim, Keiren, Leriel, Lorkin, Marby, Pled, Sherwyn, Tandir, Vaagel, Zuden

Keeps: Aaldem, Antir, Arone, Asax, Daasen, Ebein, Fjaga, Gwaeryn, Gyfyn, Hjael, Kjen, Mul, Pethwys, Pjagel, Pyberg, Quiam, Quimen, Shese, Shien, Tawheim, Teryff, Thoen, Thrand, Thursa, Utera, Vold, Wethom, Zynholm

Seasonal outpost: Nyslud

Abandoned outposts: Balhafen on Keron Island and Movel Gamle Hem in the Afarezirs

The peoples of Orbaal include invaders from Ivinia ruling native Jarin.

Wilderness sites of interest:

Other sources of information about Orbaal include IviniaThran and (via Ivinia) Ygesdram.

Ideas for adventures include Bognor's Folly, “St. Melik's Broadsword” from Thonahexus #6, and The Warboat Seawolf.

Orbaal connects to Kaldor via the Fur Road and, through Noron's Keep, via Noron's Way. Pilgrims also travel to Araka-Kalai via Ilvir's Trail.

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