Chyle Hundred

Settlement Domain Leige Seat Holder Type Published?
Astelure Church of Larani Brynd Serolan D-Manor
Brynd Church of Larani Caleme Bishop Abbey
Cethnon Earldom of Balim Fisen Erynert D-Manor
Dandtry Royal - Balimshire Shebra Rathval D-Manor
Dendese Earldom of Balim Cethnon Hauraxel S-Manor
Dendryd Royal - Balimshire Undrand Murcasten S-Manor
Epelam Royal - Balimshire Dandtry Tanmaler S-Manor
Feldhesel Royal - Balimshire Dandtry Gaundy S-Manor
Glasen Church of Larani Astelure Reblena S-Manor
Helume Earldom of Balim Kiban Bailiff D-Manor
Hiletas Earldom of Balim Uldien Carandaen D-Manor
Ileald Barony of Getha Getha Dracyne D-Manor
Jeptyrel Royal - Balimshire Dandtry Bailiff S-Manor
Kylelaw Barony of Getha Getha Blaundar D-Manor
Lythgran Earldom of Balim Cethnon Bailiff S-Manor
Megyle Barony of Getha Getha Larchean D-Manor
Raldel Royal - Balimshire Undrand Gaurocyn S-Manor
Rildrell Earldom of Balim Hiletas Reeve Thorp
Rydecy Royal - Balimshire Jeptyrel Vasardun S-Manor
Tassley Church of Larani Brynd Ardaleren D-Manor
Tendber Church of Larani Brynd Reblena D-Manor
Tesedel Church of Larani Astelure Reeve Thorp
Tesena Earldom of Balim Kiban Bailiff D-Manor
Uldien Earldom of Balim Kiban Baron Keep Uldien Keep (Fanon)
Undrand Royal - Balimshire Shebra B/H D-Manor
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